Part 2: Implementation Frustration

Arguably, the part of the social marketing process that gets the least amount of love is the implementation phase. Implementing a campaign or program can be frustrating, and leaders may be tempted to not give it the attention and time it truly deserves. This “middle child” of social marketing is evidenced by the seemingly disproportionate […]

The Creation Fixation

My years in the social marketing and health communications world have led to an important observation about our industry: people like to make stuff more than make stuff happen I call it the Creation Fixation. Fresh off the energy and enthusiasm of the formative research phase, people go back to their offices and have this […]

Rebranding: A Look in the Rear-View Mirror

The Gap brand created an uproar last year when it introduced a dramatically altered new logo. Consumers reacted against the loss of the company’s well-known visual marker of its brand, and Gap ultimately reverted to its classic logo. While a logo is only one aspect of a brand, this highly-visible example of rebranding-gone-wrong provides an […]

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