15 Digital Marketing Tips

How do you decide what to do with your digital marketing? what are the factors that influence success, failure or otherwise? from my perspective you would look at your website that is a traditional business or a purely online business that’s really the place to start. Where the other digital assets that you might have a mobile website app, to YouTube channel your Facebook fan page, Twitter profiles, LinkedIn company page you Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, sort of electronic direct mail like e-newsletters and what have you do you have a blog do you have a forum.

All these digital assets need to be assist for a few things, do you need them which ones to me have a good consistent brainy across all of them when it comes to looking at your website in particular take a look at the numbers first of all take a look at conversions. I attracting enough quality leads, are you make enough science if that numbers not right then we should perhaps look at the traffic, have a unique visitors per month what is percentages new and repeat visitors, what’s behind these numbers dance right time on the site visitor Floyd where people exiting what is a percentage on this particular fight is outperforming.

And then what can be done to improve things was a competition up to what changes other in technology what digital marketing initiatives should you be undertaken, these are the sort of things we wanna look into to make sure that we have got the strategy right in the bill in the digital assets gonna support the business plan help you move forward are quantum digital show up show off.

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